ARTIST NAME Eva Sommeregger
TEAM NAME Holzinger / Schafschetzy / Sommeregger
GROUP Group XXXII, Apr 2011 - Sep 2011
DISCIPLINE Architecture
BIO Born 1981 in Graz, Austria
Lives in Vienna, Austria


Architecture (MArch), Architectural Design Program, AVATAR, Bartlett School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom
Architecture Diploma , University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Selected Works and Exhibitions

- "Cut'n Paste," MOMA, New York City, USA (Group Exhibition)
- "southbound FACING NORTH," ABBC, Pappenheimgasse 37, Vienna, Austria (Solo Exhibition)
- Tempelhof Berlin Central Library, Berlin, Germany (Construction)
- Airport Building Tempelhof, Berlin, Germany (Construction)

- "House of the Future," Bundesamt für Bauwesen und Raumordnung, Berlin, Germany (Construction)

- "," Gregor Titze, Fenzlgasse 35, Vienna, Austria (Solo Exhibition)

- "Oslo poetry film festival", Oslo, Norway
- "4.asolo film festival,” Asolo, Italy
- "espressofilm festival", Vienna, Austria
- "Piazza dell'Achitettura", Trieste, Italy
- “Nous gallery", London Festival of Architecture, London, United Kingdom
- “Kunsthaus Graz", medienkunstlabor, Graz, Austria
- "Galerie Meinblau", Berlin, Germany

- "Souvenirs from Earth", Independent European TV Station committed to the visual arts, France, Germany
- "3.asolo film festival", Asolo, Italy
- "Theoneminutes belgianopen" Film festival, Ghent, Belgium

- “Zebra Film Festival”, Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, Germany
- “full pull”, Experimental music, art & video, Malmö, Sweden
- “dislocate”, Exhibition and symposium, Yokohama, Japan
- “audiovisiva”, Experimental media festival, Milan, Italy
- “Anifest”, Film festival, Prague, Czech Republic
- “Lost in Vienna” Film festival, Vienna, Austria
- “Architecture of the Near Future”, Film screening, London, United Kingdom

- “Synthetic Space“, Film screening, London, United Kingdom

- “Bottom up. 9 projects for Johannesburg“, Exhibition at Architecture Center, Vienna, Austria

Selected Awards

- "Margarethe Schütte-Lihotzky" Architecture Research Grant, Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Art and Culture
- Merit Prize, Shinkenchiku Design Competition," Japan
- Winning Project, Aaron Betsky EveryVille Competition, “Venice Architecture Biennale,” Venice, Italy
- Austrian Building Award 2006, “Emmanuel Day Care Kindergarten”, 1:1 building in situ, Johannesburg, South Africa
Eva Sommeregger portrait
© Eva Sommeregger
Scale Scape Scope
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© MAK Center / Vivian Babuts

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Marie Therese Harnoncourt
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